The Times of the Gentiles are coming to an end and we are entering the Time of Distress. Daniel and Revelation describe a Beast (or empire) that emerges during this time. The general consensus among Christians is that the Beast is a European political organisation. It is generally accepted that a political power called "antichrist" will start a "world church" and force every person in the world to have a credit number tattooed on their wrist.

On these pages, I present an alternative view. In the last century, the United States has emerged as the dominant power in the world. Its military capability and economic strength are unmatched and unprecedented. The United States is the Beast that John and Daniel prophesied.

The coming of this beast is not a sign that the second coming is close. Revelation and Daniel have very little to do with the second coming.

The primary purpose of Daniel and Revelation is to describe the collapse of human political power. For all of human history, the people of the world have been controlled by kings, emperors and sundry political powers. Over the last few centuries, various democratic demagogues have taken over this controlling role.

Before the Kingdom of God can come to fullness on earth, human political power must be swept away. Daniel and Revelation describe how God will accomplish this great change. God allows a powerful political power to emerge and accomplish this purpose. This political beast is the "last hurrah" of political power. Enormous political power will be accumulated in order to resist God's shaking of the world.

This terrible human empire will collapse into such a mess that the people of the world will never trust human political power again. Confidence in politics and democracy will crumble. Once human political power is smashed, the Kingdom of God will grow to fullness.

Christians do not need to fight human political power. God will sweep away human political power before us, as he comes against it in judgment. When political power is chopped up, pushed down and spread around to ordinary people who trust and obey Jesus, the Kingdom of God has come.

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