As democracy has spread, the power of the state has expanded enormously. Although kings had absolute power, the scope of their authority and ability to levy taxes was limited. The modern democratic state has far more power than previous empires. It can conscript any citizen, male or female, to fight in its wars. The democratic state can tax income and wealth at whatever level it wishes. A democratic parliament can pass any law it chooses. Democracy has given the American state unprecedented power.

The State as Saviour

Humanism has brought about a vast increase in the power of the state by expanding the role of governments. They now promise to provide cradle to the grave security. Over the last century, the thinking of people has changed. They now expect the state to provide all their needs. Governments care for the poor, the sick and the elderly. They are expected to guarantee wealth and happiness for everyone.

The rulers of earlier empires had more absolute power than current governments and took the title saviour, but they never considered care for individuals to be part of their role. The state acted on behalf of the privileged elite. The rest were left to fend for themselves, or worse, were slaves. The Government as Saviour is a new idea, but is the spirit of the age.

This vision has been especially dangerous in the developing world. In the West, this doctrine sits on a strong economic base inherited from earlier generations that can support the deadweight of an enormous state. In Africa, the same philosophy has made people look to a strong man to provide wealth and happiness. However, there is no economic base to sustain the strong men, so the people remain in poverty, while their rulers live in plenty.

In the State We Trust

The United States is an enigma. It was founded on faith, yet political power was dominant right from the start. Christians had an influence on the government, but this was soon squeezed out the decisions of the Supreme Court and Congress and the growth of Presidential Power. Faith in political power and human government now dominates American culture. Even those who oppose a particular party or president have enormous faith in the presidency and politics.

  1. Americans trust in God, but look to their government to solve the problems of life.

  2. The American people are extremely materialistic and expect the government to sustain a lifestyle of comfort.

  3. Comfort trumps freedom. American people will give their rulers immense powers to maintain peace and security.

  4. Every day thousands of schoolchildren arrive in Washington each day to worship the American government.

  5. Despite public profession of faith, the government of the United States has bowed to humanism. Most public institutions are hostile to Christianity.

  6. Jefferson is honoured, but Hamilton is obeyed.

  7. American business claims a belief in free enterprise, but expects the government to protect its interests at home and abroad.

  8. The people claim to trust in God, but rely on military power for security.

  9. America claims to be the world's policeman, but always protects American interests.

  10. Christians have been captured by the lure of state power. When they see human suffering, compassionate Christians say, "The Government should do something about it".

  11. The "End-times Industry" has encouraged American governments to expand their political power and dominance of the world. The church has been a false prophet supporting the American Beast.

Messianic Imperialism

In the past, the United States tended to take an isolationist approach to foreign policy. It has only become involved when drawn in by events. The election of George W Bush brought a significant change in this respect. Previous governments recognised the unprecedented power of the United States, but did not know how to use it. He brought to power men who believed that America should use its unique power to shape the world order and control its direction for the next century.

We can expect to see the United States taking an even more assertive role in the world than it has done in the past. The wars on Afghanistan and Iraq were just the first steps in this new role. The name for this policy is messianic imperialism.

Daniel saw a beast that would be totally different.

He gave me this explanation: 'The fourth beast is a fourth kingdom that will appear on earth. It will be different from all the other kingdoms and will devour the whole earth, trampling it down and crushing it' (Dan 7:23).

The American government is already fulfilling this vision by tramping around the world, trying to impose American-style democracy and government wherever it can. The American people believe that their form of democracy is the best method of government that exists and think that other people should have it too. President Obama also wants to expand America's leadership role in the world, so there is no sign that these efforts will end.

Many Christians support American leadership of the world as the best way to fight evil. However, fighting evil human government with better human government is dangerous, because it just produces greater human government. The greater the evil confronted, the greater the human government becomes. Evil cannot be overcome evil.

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