Intercessors pray:

Prophets speak:

Intercessors and Prophets will sometimes receive a revelation of coming disasters, but the purpose will be different.

Revelation to Prophets

Prophets will sometimes receive a revelation of a future disaster.

Revelation to Intercessors

God often reveals the plans of the enemy to intercessors, so they can stand against them in the Spirit and prevent the evil from occurring.

Merged Roles

The role of prophet and intercessor sometimes merges in one person. When this happens, the person should be very careful to be clear about what they are doing. When they receive a revelation about the future, they should seek guidance from God about whether it is for the prayer closet or the prophetic platform. They should also sort out if it is something God wants to do or a plan of the enemy that he wants to foil.

Clear Voice

The absence of a prophetic voice in a city creates uncertainty about the cause of traumatic events and whether they have any spiritual significance. Most of the commentary on the events usually come from pastors whose focus is on providing pastoral care to people who had lost homes or family members. Their main goal is to put guilt and guidance out of scope, so they leave God's purposes out of the situation.

Unfortunately, many other Christians find this explanation inadequate and are uncertain about how they should respond to these events. They see Jesus applying spiritual significance to physical disasters (Luke 13:1-5) and want the same for their time.

Without a clear trumpet call, the people will go and look for own answers. They get muddled and grab what they can. The dreams and voices that circulate from the fringes of the church where people go for insight, usually produce fear and confusion.

Revelations that God has given to intercessors often circulate as prophecies about the future. This creates confusion, because the revelations contain no guidance to Christians about how to respond. There is no call to repentance for the people of the world or condition that must be met to avert the disaster. This is not surprising, because that was not their purpose.

The intercessors should focus on doing their job by standing in prayer against the plans of the enemy that God has revealed to them. If the intercessors and are fulfilling their calling, these events will not take place. God has revealed these things to the intercessors, because he does not want them to happen.

The thirst for revelation that emerges during a crisis cannot be quenched by the revelations received by intercessors.

Where there is no revelation, the people are left naked (Prov 29:18).

Unfortunately, scraps from tables of the intercessors will not satisfy this hunger for revelation.

The problem is lack of revelation. We should be praying that God will release a clear prophetic voice that we may have better understanding of God's purposes. If God is giving warnings about events that are going to happen, the prophets should be listening and seeking guidance about his plans for his people and asking what changes must take place to avert the disaster.