The Commando Vision was not primarily a warning of an economic crash, but a call to God's people to establish a commando army. Therefore the timing of the fulfilment depends on how quickly people respond to that call.

God did not send the flood until the ark was completed. If he had sent the flood sooner, Noah and all the animals would have been wiped out. This meant that the timing of the flood was partly in Noah's hands. If he spent time preaching when he should have been building the ark he may have actually deferred the flood.

In the same way, the crash cannot come, until the commando armies are ready. If God were to send a crash now, it would do too much harm in both the church and the world. Therefore, the timing of this vision cannot be discerned from economic indicators, but only by watching what is happening in the church.

My observation, from a distance, is that many Christians have heard the call and started down this path, but the commando army is still far from complete. I sense that God maybe shaking the American economy to wake up the church, but I doubt that we are seeing the fulfilment of the vision. We are simply not ready for it.


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