Kingwatch Books will assist with the publication of books by New Zealand authors that comply with our vision.

We can determine that a message needs to be heard, but we cannot predict whether a book will sell, so you will need to be prepared to spend several thousand dollars to get your message heard.

Send a proposal containing the following:

Title of the Book.

Indicate your proposed title.

Description of the Book.

In 200-250 words describe the proposed book's theme. What are you trying to achieve in the book? How would you persuade a potential reader to read your book? What is unique about it.

Table of Contents.

List your intended chapter titles and subsections.


Describe your qualifications to write this book and experience in communicating with your intended audience.

Audience and Market.

Describe the intended audience that will read your book.

Manuscript Length.

What is the estimated length of the proposed manuscript.

Date of Completion.

Indicate the date by which you could submit a final draft of your manuscript.

Sample Pages.

Enclose a sample of 20-30 pages, perhaps from the introduction or the first chapter, which shows your writing style.